VnR Cable

VnR Cable

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For hardware versions 4210 and higher, the app must be disconnected to use VnR.  Always disconnect VnR before checking the app.

Firmware version 4155 has disabled VnR.  For a 4155 board, the only option for range extension is to use a portable charger while stopped.

The most versatile method of charging a Onewheel while riding is the Vampire connection.  The charging cable is connected directly to the battery wires in the connector compartment using Positaps.  The Positap pierces the wire (like a Vampire into the Onewheel's vein) and creates a waterproof, solder-free connection.   The charging current goes directly to the battery, bypassing the control board and its ability to detect a charger plugged into the charge port.

The cable comes with two mounts that stick to the top of the rail with heavy duty double sided tape and hold the cable in place.  The rear mount has a hole where the connector can be tucked when not in use.  The mounts also have slots for zip ties if extra strength is needed. 

The VnR cable has a diode wired into it so that power can flow into the Onewheel, but cannot flow out.  This ensures that the plug on the VnR cable is never "live," with the full power of the Onewheel battery exposed to the outside.

There are two methods of providing power-

The Slide Charger can be connected to the VnR cable.  Using a Power Analyzer, set the Charger to charge to a maximum voltage that is equivalent to about 85-90% of capacity on the Onewheel.   Once the Onewheel battery drops below that voltage, the Charger will supply current as needed to maintain that level until the external battery is empty.  After that, the Onewheel will run down normally.  This has the advantage of keeping the Onewheel battery in the range where it provides the best performance for more of the ride.  Also once the Portable Charger battery has drained, a fresh battery can be connected.  The Portable Charger will control the voltage and current so that the full external battery will not damage the empty Onewheel battery. 

An external battery with the same voltage (such as a 60v tool battery) can be connected in parallel with the internal, so they act together as a single battery with increased capacity.  You would charge the Onewheel to full, and also charge the external battery to full before connecting them.  Then once connected they will run down together, providing their combined capacity.  Once drained, an additional full battery should not be connected until the Onewheel has been charged again.  Otherwise the full external battery can damage the empty Onewheel battery by charging it too quickly.

The manual for VnR  can be downloaded here,