Carvepower Slide Charger

Carvepower Slide Charger

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Ride far beyond the outlets and charge anywhere with the simple to use Slide Charger.  Just slide the controller on to the battery and plug the cable in to the charge port to begin fast charging a Onewheel+ XR or Onewheel Pint.  One battery can add around 10 miles of range, depending on terrain.

Choose the Pint or XR version to have the appropriate charging cable included.  The Slide Charger will charge at 3A, which is the same as the XR home charger or the Pint Ultracharger.

The custom-made 6ah Ryobi-compatible battery uses Sony VTC6 cells, which can also be found in many Onewheel XRs.  Keep track of the battery's capacity with the meter, and when it's empty simply swap it for another battery to keep charging.  If you already have any Ryobi 40V tools, you can also use their batteries to extend your ride.

The Slide Charger is easy to carry in a backpack, or mount on a fender with the included strap.

If you want to use the Slide Charger to charge both a Pint and XR, you can order a charging cable for the other Onewheel separately.

The Carvepower Slide Charger bundle comes with the Slide Controller, Battery, Battery Charger, Charging Cable for the selected Onewheel, and a Mounting Strap.

 Download the manual for the Slide Charger here