Slide Battery

Slide Battery

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Power the Slide Charger with this custom 10S2P 6ah battery in a Ryobi 40v-compatible case.  Its Sony VTC6 cells were also chosen by Future Motion for the first versions of the Onewheel XR.

Battery Capacity-

  • Slide battery        222wh
  • Onewheel Pint     148wh
  • Onewheel XR       324wh

Used with the Slide Charger, this battery will charge a Pint about 1.5x, and an an XR to about 68%.  It can add 10-11 miles of riding on pavement depending on terrain and riding style.

While this battery looks like many sold on Amazon, be aware that some of those use unbranded Chinese cells and every battery we bought was found to be a 5ah battery posing as 6ah.  Our supplier confirmed that this is common practice to save money, but we wanted to use cells that have proven themselves in the Onewheel itself.