Portable Charger for Onewheel

Portable Charger for Onewheel

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Explore beyond the range of power outlets with a portable charger for the Onewheel.  Like a power bank for your phone, the Portable Charger uses its battery to add miles to your ride.  The controller converts the output of the 36v battery to the voltage and current required to charge the Onewheel.  Choose which Onewheel you intend to charge, and the charger will be delivered with the cable and configuration needed.

Simply plug the battery in to the input connector of the controller, and plug the charging cable into the Onewheel.  When the battery is empty, it can be recharged with a dedicated battery charger included in the kit.

The charger can be ordered with a single battery for approximately 12 additional miles, or two batteries for 24 miles of added range.  The batteries are custom made for Carvepower.  They are configured the same as a standard hoverboard battery, but use high capacity LG MH1 cells for a total capacity of 230wh. 

Unfortunately these batteries can not be air shipped, so buyers outside of North America and those in Alaska and Hawaii will need to choose the kit version and supply their own 36v 4.4ah hoverboard batteries (available on Ebay).


Single Battery Charger:

5.5"L x 2.75"W x 6"H    3.75lbs 

Double Battery Charger

5.5"L x 2.75"W x 10"H  6.3lbs



The manual for the Portable Charger is available here.