Pint Adapter for XR Charger

Pint Adapter for XR Charger

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If you bought a Onewheel Pint and have a Onewheel XR, you already have a Pint Ultracharger.   Both Onewheels charge to the same voltage, and the XR Home Charger charges at a slightly higher current than the Pint Ultracharger.  Rather than buy the Pint Ultracharger, use this adapter to fast charge the Pint in 50 minutes using your XR Home Charger.

Pint charger plugs are prone to breaking if the Pint gets knocked onto its side while charging.  This adapter has a custom-molded right-angle plug which hugs the rail, greatly reducing the odds it will break if the Pint rolls sideways over it.


Do not use the XR Hypercharger on the Pint, it will damage the Pint and create a fire hazard.

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