Pint Adapter for XR Charger

Pint Adapter for XR Charger

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If you bought a Onewheel Pint and have a Onewheel XR, you already have a Pint Ultracharger.   Both Onewheels charge to the same voltage, and the home charger for the XR charges at a slightly higher current than the Pint Ultracharger.  Rather than buy the Pint Ultracharger, use this cable/adapter combo to fast charge the Pint using your XR charger.

Fast charging the Pint is safe, but higher charge rates can reduce the lifespan of the battery.  It should be done in moderation, such as during rides.  If there is no need to charge the Pint under 2 hours, it is best to use the home charger. 

Stopping the charge before the battery is full improves its lifespan.  When fast charging the Pint, pull the plug at 95% and get back on the road rather than wait for the green light. 

Do not use the XR Hypercharger on the Pint.