High Capacity Carvepower Battery

High Capacity Carvepower Battery

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Due to restrictions on air shipping and exporting high capacity lithium batteries, these batteries are only available to the continental United States, Canada and Mexico via UPS Ground. Orders placed to overseas addresses, Alaska and Hawaii will be refunded.

This is a custom, high capacity battery made for Carvepower, to be used with the Portable DC Charger.  Assembled into the same form factor as the standard 36v hoverboard battery, the Carvepower battery uses high capacity LG MH1 cells.  The standard Ebay hoverboard battery has a capacity of 158wh which provides an extra 8 miles of distance.  At 230wh, the Carvepower battery provides 12 miles within the same size and weight.

A single battery is best used for charging while stopped.  It can become very hot in an unventilated pack.  Two batteries connected together in a Double Box are excellent for charging while riding, and will stay cool while providing 24 miles of range.  When connecting batteries in pairs, only use batteries of the same voltage and capacity.  Only pair a High Capacity Carvepower Battery with another High Capacity Carvepower Battery.