DC Charger for Onewheel

DC Charger for Onewheel

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Explore beyond the range of power outlets with a DC charger for the Onewheel.  Recharge directly from battery to battery with no conversion to AC, and no need to bring the Onewheel charger.  The kit includes a protective box sized for a standard 36v 4.4ah hoverboard battery, which can provide a single full charge for the Onewheel.  A solar charge controller slides onto the top of the case and converts the output of the battery to the 58v 3.5A that the Onewheel charger normally provides.  

The battery is not included in the kit, but hoverboard batteries are easy to find on Ebay, ranging from $35 to $60.  Search for "36v 4.4AH battery".  Batteries made from Samsung or LG cells will be the best quality, though a little more expensive on average.  These come in a standard configuration which will fit in the case.  The actual capacity might vary a little, so it is wise to do a test charge before going out into the field.

Extra cases are available for additional batteries.  

The charge controller and battery together weigh about 4lbs, and single batteries about 2lbs each making 6lbs for two charges.  By comparison, a Chafon UPS battery backup weighs 7lbs for two charges and still requires the Onewheel charger for 9lbs altogether.  With a single charge per battery, you can choose to pack however much power you think you will need.

The kit includes a charger for the hoverboard battery, which is made by the same company that makes the Onewheel charger.  There is also a steel ammo can to hold them while recharging.  The Li-on cells that make up a hoverboard battery are safe, and fires are extremely rare.  However it is best to only charge them when you are present, and a steel ammo can has proven to be the best option for containing a fire caused by a malfunctioning battery or charger.

Do you commute to work, and would like an extra wall charger to keep there?  Would you prefer to take a second wall charger with you on rides so the other stays safe at home? Check out our spare Onewheel Wall Chargers, available for $80.