Concave Footpad

Concave Footpad

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This is a 3D printed concave footpad for all versions of the Onewheel.  Made from a semi-rigid polyurethane, it won't crack or chip.  While not noticeably squishy, the softer surface can help mitigate foot fatigue.

The heel to toe concave is gentle, with a rise toward the tail over the last third of the pad creating a comfortable pocket for the foot.  Keeping the concave noticeable but not aggressive makes it possible to install a sensor onto the pad for use in the front.  The pad has holes and a recess on the bottom to accomodate the wiring from a Onewheel Original sensor. 

A sensor can be obtained by buying a set of Onewheel Original footpads from Future Motion.  Attempts to install a Onewheel+ sensor on a concave pad have failed, so it's best to stay with the more affordable original sensor.