Car Adapter Cable

Car Adapter Cable

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Use your car as a source for the DC Charger for Onewheel with this adapter cable.  

Because the car supplies 12v for charging the Onewheel, it will require a second program saved to the charge controller:

1. Press Set, and press the Up Arrow so the number below the disk icon changes from 0 to 1.  This will create a settings profile in the #1 slot.

2. Press Set, and press the Up Arrow until the top number (input voltage) reads 12V.

3. Press Set, and press the Up Arrow until the output voltage reads 58.5V.

4. Press Set, and press the Down Arrow until the output amps reads 1.70A.  This will pull 8.25A from the cigarette lighter plug, which gives a safe margin under the 10A limit of the controller.  For slightly faster charging, the output can be set to 2A, which will pull 9.75A from the plug.  The controller might have a difficult time maintaining this amount of current due to the heat it generates.

5. Press Set again, then press OK to save the profile.

To switch profiles, press Set, and use the Up/Down arrows to choose between 0 (the original profile for use with the battery) and 1 (Car charging profile).  Press OK to load the profile.